MA, LMFT (she- ella [spanish]) Sex, Relationship & Intimacy Therapist and Supervisor

I identify as a collaborative and nurturing Latina therapist who honors her clients’ experiences with compassion, permission giving and accountability. My cultural background informs my non-judgemental, person-centered, trauma-informed therapeutic approach. When addressing your current experiences, I will always consider the impact of the larger context of your family and culture. This means I view individuals in the context of their relationships and their interactions with others. I believe that all of us have the ability to reclaim our stories; it would be my honor to help you rewrite yours.

What You Can Expect

As Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Associate, it will be my honor to work with you towards your goals with an approach that is respectful, kind, and encouraging. I view therapy as a gift that we give to ourselves, a gift of knowledge and self discovery. I am humorous and transparent so you can expect my authenticity to show up in the way I work with clients and in the way I build therapeutic relationships. If you work with me, you will have someone in your corner who will be there to support you, challenge you and celebrate you.
I particularly enjoy working with clients who experience sexual health concerns (vaginismus, vulvodynia, painful sex and intercourse, erectile and ejaculatory concerns, orgasmic difficulties), who have a history of religious sexual shame, anxiety or depression, or who are experiencing concerns related to sexuality – pregnancy and birth. Overall I love working with clients who want to explore and learn more about themselves through a sex therapy lens.

My Story

I was born in Mexico where I spent all my formative years expanding on my prime taco knowledge. Prior to obtaining my Masters in Couple and Family Therapy and moving to the US, I double majored in Psychopedagogy and Family Sciences in Mexico City. My first language is Spanish but I grew up speaking English as a second language. I am a spiritual person and was raised in the Catholic Faith so I love exploring the intersection between sexuality and religion. I particularly enjoy supporting clients in this kind of work just as much as I enjoy supporting interracial and intercultural relationships in gaining more awareness about themselves. Especially how their different lived experiences show up in their relationship. As one half of an intercultural couple I know how fun and how interesting things can be ;)


Charcuterie boards, Arts and crafts, Disco music, Thrifting, Collecting vintage cameras & fountain pens, Lighthouses and Carousels

Books I Suggest


  • EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing)
  • Gottman level 1 with John and Julie Gotman by The Gottman Institute
  • PREPARE/ENRICH Certified Premarital Facilitator – PREPARE/ENRICH 
  • Clinical work with consensual non-monogamous relationships – Nancy Owen 
  • Understanding consensual non-monogamy and polyamorous relationships for mental health profesionals – AASECT 
  • Wheel of Consent (Betty Martin) – Katie Spatarro 
  • Sex and cannabis for sexualth health professionals – Chelsea Cebara
  • Treating Kinky Couples with Competence & Compassion – Neil Cannon 
  • Expansive therapeutic Education (Trans clients) – Joey and Megan from Transmission Wellness 
  • Commitment Prep/Premarital Training – Fiona O’Farrell – Adaptive Counseling
  • Islam and Sexuality – Bina Bahktiar
  • Gottman level 2 – The Gottman Institute 
  • Childless Affirmative Therapy – Katie Maynard

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