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Physical intimacy and erotic pleasure are important, as experts say they are tied closely to overall quality of life. Unfortunately, only a few ever talk about their sexual preferences and desires with their partners. This lack of communication often results in sexual frustration and feelings of disconnect. 

Sex therapy can help you and your partner/s get the conversation going as you work toward a happier and healthier relationship.

Our sex counseling services in Kirkland offer a sex-positive space where individuals, partners, or relationship units can discuss the different challenges that may be keeping them from a fulfilling, active, and pleasurable sex life. We’ll talk about any pressing sexual health concerns and relationship barriers, as well as ways to enhance pleasure, intimacy, and eroticism. 

What We Offer

Clients from all walks of life seek our sex therapy services in Kirkland to address a variety of concerns. Whether you’re in a marriage that lacks intimacy or single exploring your sexuality, you can trust our holistically oriented and extensively trained therapists to listen with understanding and compassion. 

We utilize empirically supported methods of counseling and treatment. Here are the three main services we provide to our clients:

  • Sex TherapyOur comprehensively trained and trauma-informed clinicians help clients tackle different sexual health concerns. We also open conversations about sexual agency, self-awareness, and sexual values. We believe that you, more than anyone, are the expert on your sexuality, and we are honored to be with you during this chapter of your growth and healing.
  • Couples or Relationship Therapy – Relationships that lose intimacy, connection, and eroticism can result in unhappiness and disconnect. Whether your relationship troubles are caused by infidelity, stress, or trauma, you can rely on our couples therapists to help you improve pleasure, eroticism, connection, and play for a stronger, healthier, and happier relationship.
  • Individual Counseling Staying true to our client-centered approach, we provide hyper-personalized individual therapy fit to your needs. In our sessions, we’ll discuss sexual health issues, life stressors, regulating emotions, processing trauma, and healing.

Our Unique Approach

As a practice, we share a vision of holistic wellness and sexual health. As a collective, we aim to support each other’s personal and professional endeavors as we face the complexities of being mental health professionals and healing providers. 

As individuals and a collective, we share similar values: we celebrate diversity and inclusivity, and we believe that our work should focus on the needs of the people we serve. 

We are dedicated to bringing positive change, starting from the individual level to the systemic. Our professionals teach in universities, mentor other therapists seeking certification in sex therapy, and train medical practices. We believe that pleasure, passion, and intimacy culminates in growth and self-awareness. 

Common Issues

Our compassionate and constructive sex counselors in Kirkland will work with you in addressing your concerns. These may include: 

  • ​​Conflict and resentment management
  • Sexual health and dysfunction
  • Communication skill-building
  • Self-acceptance and esteem building
  • Trauma healing and processing
  • Exploring sexual orientation
  • Personal accountability

Our Collective

PNW Sex Therapy Collective is a team of comprehensively trained therapists dedicated to providing client-centered and value-focused services. We are passionate about helping people master their sexuality and improve their connection with themselves and others.

Learn more about our collective here.

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