Sex Therapist in Seattle

Sex therapy offers space for individuals, couples, and relational systems to improve communication, heal from sexual trauma, and cultivate intimacy. In our therapeutic work, we address any barriers you may be experiencing that prevent you from an active, fulfilling, and pleasurable sex life. 

Our sex therapy services in Seattle offer you support to navigate sexual health concerns, relationship ruptures, and strategies to enhance eroticism, intimacy, and pleasure.

List of Services

Our clients seek our services to address a variety of concerns.  Be it individuals, couples, relationship systems, or group work, our therapists provide the most empirically informed treatment methods/interventions with our clients, while maintaining that the therapeutic relationship is fertile ground for change and empowerment to take root. 

Here are our three main services that cover most of our clients’ concerns. 

  • Sex Therapy – In this work, we navigate self awareness, encourage sexual agency, and explore sexual values. We are extensively trained, holistically oriented, and trauma-informed therapists who feel honored to walk with you through your healing journey. We believe you are the expert of your sexuality. 
  • Couples or Relationship TherapyRelationships sometimes lose their connection, intimacy, and eroticism. In couples therapy (relational therapy between two or more individuals), we work with you to co-create the relationship you desire that may have been impacted by infidelity, trauma, and/or everyday life stressors. To cultivate eroticism in your relationship, enhance desire, connection, pleasure, and play, you’re welcome to reach out to us today. 

Individual Counseling – As we are all client-centered clinicians, individual therapy is unique depending on your goals. Our work may focus on current life stressors, sexual health concerns, emotion regulation, trauma-processing, and healing.

Our Unique Approach

As a collective, we seek to support one another’s professional development and individual growth, as we navigate the complexity of being a mental health professional and healing provider in our world. Our values reflect who we are as individuals and as a collective, where inclusivity is paramount, diversity is celebrated, and our work considers the needs of those we serve.  

As holistically-oriented and extensively trained mental health providers, a shared vision of sexual health and holistic wellness brought us together. We are committed to creating positive change from the individual level to the systemic. Our clinicians teach at universities, provide in-service trainings to medical practices, and educate other therapists seeking sex therapy certification through mentorship or more formal supervision of their clinical practice. We believe that passion, pleasure, and intimacy can be sources of self-awareness and growth. 

Common Issues

We help individuals, couples, and relationship units with a wide variety of issues including the following. 

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  • Sexual health and dysfunction
  • Conflict and resentment management
  • Self-acceptance and esteem building
  • Exploring sexual orientation
  • Communication skill building
  • Personal accountability
  • Trauma healing and processing

Our Team

Our team is a collective of comprehensively trained, client-centered, and value-focused therapists who have a sincere interest in helping people improve connection to themselves, their sexuality, and their relationships with others. Our practice focuses on self-awareness, sexual empowerment, and deconstructing the barriers that keep people from the lives they desire.   Learn more about our team here.

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