Alexys Gonzalez

LMHCA, ATR-P, RYT 200 (they/them) Art Therapist, Sex Therapist & Sexuality Educator

I believe that healing exists on a spectrum, and I acknowledge the unique experiences and identities each person holds. I take an integrative and intersectional approach to therapy that creates an experience best suited for your unique healing. My worldview and theoretical approach is rooted in an anti-oppressive framework that is trauma informed, creative, and holistic. I’m passionate about working with all aspects of sex, sexuality, identity, relationships, and intimacy especially non-monogamy, kink/ BDSM, sexual pain/dysfunction, trauma, shame/guilt, dissociation, and LGBTQIA2+ issues.

What You Can Expect

My multidisciplinary approach to sex therapy is influenced by my
training in art therapy, sex education, painting, philosophy, and yoga. As a queer,
mixed-race (SE Asian & Hispanic), neurodivergent (ADHD), polyamorous, kinky,
nonbinary, femme, I understand the benefits of holding these identities as well as the
complexities and impact of marginalization they may come with. I find value in working
with clients who hold similar identities and am committed to working with individuals and
people in relationships to explore what might be keeping them from living and loving

I offer a unique and individualized approach informed by Attachment Theory, Polyvagal
Theory, Narrative Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Expressive Arts Therapy, and Somatic Psychology. I hold the belief that engaging in creative self-
expression is healing in itself, and often invite clients to engage in art making, movement, music, tarot cards, astrology, journaling, breathwork, meditation, and
reflections about nature. As my client, you can expect to increase self-awareness,
deconstruct unhelpful patterns, develop new coping skills, process overwhelming
experiences and emotions, and better understand the behaviors, patterns, and
symptoms that are most impactful to your life.

My Story

Growing up I felt like I was floating through my life unaware of who I was or what I believed in. Being the second born twin and middle child of three, often made me unseen and like I had to be a different person for each member of my family. I understand in a personal way the effect trauma, abandonment, abuse, chronic pain, addiction, and infidelity has on someone and continue to address the ways these issues show up in my life today. My ability to create art became what helped me better understand myself and move through/process a lot of difficult emotions and past experiences. My own healing and identity exploration is what inspired me to move from my home in Connecticut to Seattle six years ago and pursue a path that allowed me to assist others in finding unique ways to heal and help themselves. The freedom of a new city gave me the feeling of safety necessary to explore parts of my sexual identity and queerness in ways that I never could have imagined growing up in a puritanical, heteronormative environment and family. Just as I found healing through accepting and engaging in my creative identity, I found healing in honoring and acknowledging my sexual identity as well.


art, painting/drawing, pole dancing, rollerskating, hula hooping, listening to podcasts (i’m a sucker for anything conspiracy theory, true crime, or supernatural), biking & bike packing, traveling, going to see live music, cuddling with my two cats, astrology

Books I Suggest


  • 200 RYT Training through Yoga Farm Ithaca —January 2022
  • MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and Art Therapy through Antioch University Seattle — December 2021
  • Somatic Theory and Oppression with Alicia Guthery — October 2021
  • Beyond Settler Sex SAR with Anne Mauro & Kristen Lilla — October 2021
  • Understanding Rape Culture in the Treatment of Sexual Trauma with Dulce Rodriguez —  October 2021
  • Certification in Sex Therapy through Antioch University Seattle — June 2021
  • Gottman Method Couples Therapy Level 1 through The Gottman Institute— January 2021
  • Attachment Theory with Kirk Honda — January 2021
  • Colonization and Sex with Anne Mauro — January 2021
  • Telepsychology Best Practices 101 Series through American Psychology Association — July 2020
  • Fat Sexuality: A Health At Every Size Approach through  Antioch University Seattle — July 2020
  • Certification in Sexuality Education through Antioch University Seattle — June 2020
  • Improving LGBTQ Treatment Outcomes Through Integration of Sexual Health through NCTSN — May 2020
  • Responding to LGBTQ Youth after Sexual Abuse through NCTSN — May 2020
  • Adapting Trauma-Focused Treatments for Culturally Diverse Populations through NCTSN — May 2020
  • Health Interventions for Culturally Diverse Populations through NCTSN — May 2020
  • Impact of Polyvictimization on LGBTQ Youth & Adults through NCTSN — May 2020
  • Wheel of Consent with Katie Spataro —February 2020
  • Sexual Attitude Reassessment through Antioch University Seattle — January 2020
  • BA in Painting through Central Connecticut State University — May 2016
  • Understanding Out Of Control Sexual Behavior with Marc Gilmartin -March 2022

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