Sabrina Brown

LMFT Intern, They/Them, Relational Sex Therapist

I am a systemically oriented therapist with an aim to provide holistic and client-centered care. I believe everyone deserves to explore sexual empowerment in a safe, judgment-free space. I strive for this in my practice by creating a space that is personable, empathetic, and by taking a trauma-informed and culturally attuned approach. As a therapist, my desire is to help you harness your existing strength and empower you to live the life you truly desire.

What You Can Expect

As your therapist, I bring authenticity, empathy, and playfulness into the room. My clients are the experts of their own lives, and I am here to help guide them through their healing journey. As a systemic therapist, you and I will explore how learned expectations of those around you have influenced the story you have of yourself. Through modalities of Emotion Focused and Narrative therapy, we will work together to reauthor your story. 

I particularly enjoy working with narratives and issues around sexuality, gender identity, kink/BDSM, and alternative relationship structures. It would be my honor and joy to provide a space that promotes safe vulnerability and reduces shame for you.

My Story

I was raised in St. Paul, Minnesota, by silly artist parents and moved to Tacoma, Washington, to attend an undergraduate program at the University of Puget Sound, where I graduated with a B.A. in Psychology. Since moving to Seattle a few years ago, I have enjoyed living in Capitol Hill, where I felt able to explore my sexuality and gender identity free of shame and surrounded by community. I am now in my last year of the Masters in Couples and Family Therapy program at Seattle University. My goal when beginning this program was to be able to help others live their authentic life full of joy and self-love, as I have been able to experience through my own journey of self-acceptance. Nothing has brought about more themes of grief and love than exploring my own Queer identity and sexual shame. I am forever grateful for the continuous work of therapeutic self-exploration I have done that has brought me to where I am as a prideful nonbinary, queer, non-monogamous person.


In my free time, my favorite things are spending time with my two lovely cats (Miso and Toaster Oven), spending quality time with my partners, and engaging my creative side through jewelry making and clay work. On any given sunny day, you can find me lying in the grass at the park, smelling roses and watching dogs. When I am in need of some self-care, I love sitting on my couch with a tub of Frankie & Jos and watching any and all reality dating shows (Queer season of The Ultimatum, anyone?).

Books I Suggest


ADHD and Sex Part II with B Lourenco- October 2022

The Intersections of Sex and OCD with Dr. Shereen Morse – August 2023

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