Marriage Therapists in Kirkland

Relationships need constant work to thrive. Conflicts and challenges that keep you from a joyous, respectful, and loving relationship may arise. For some partners, this can get too overwhelming and lead to feelings of hurt, resentment, and disconnect. In times like these, couples counseling can be your silver lining. 

Even if there’s no trouble in paradise, therapy can be useful. Some of our clients seek our program to maintain an already strong and loving relationship. 

The couples therapy we have in Kirkland helps you build and sustain lasting relationships based on love, trust, and strong communication. These are helpful skills whether you’re in a rocky or strong relationship. 

What We Offer

Couples, individuals, and relationship book our couples counseling in Kirkland for different reasons. Whatever they may be, we help you address them using holistic approaches, including counseling, treatments, and interventions. 

Here are the main services that we offer: 

  • Sex Therapy – In our work, we promote sexual awareness, explore sexual values, and encourage sexual agency because we believe that you know sexuality more than any expert. Our experienced and trauma-informed therapists will be beyond honored to guide you through your journey of growth and healing.
  • Couples/Relationship Therapy – When partners lose connection, physical intimacy, and eroticism, conflicts may arise. Couples or relationship therapy (therapy between two or more individuals) help to resolve issues that may have been caused by trauma, infidelity, sexual dysfunction, and more.
  • Individual Counseling – Our therapy sessions are tailored to the unique needs of our clients. Our work focuses on a range of topics such as everyday life stressors, trauma, sexual health issues, and emotional regulation.

Our Unique Approach

Supporting each other in personal growth and professional development is what we do as a collective. 

Together, we navigate the challenges of being mental health professionals that provide healing to the world. We share the same values grounded in inclusivity and diversity and believe that our work should always consider the well-being of those we serve.

Sexual health and holistic wellness are what we aim to achieve. That’s why we commit ourselves to bringing positive change in the lives that we touch. 

Our hardworking clinicians give lectures in universities, provide in-training services to medical practices, and educate and mentor other therapists working to get their sex therapy certification. 

Common Issues

Our couples and marriage counseling in Kirkland help address a range of challenges, including:

  • Sexual health and dysfunction
  • Self-acceptance and esteem building
  • Trauma healing and processing
  • Conflict and resentment management
  • Exploring sexual orientation
  • Personal accountability
  • Communication skill-building

Our Collective

PNW Sex Therapy Collective is comprised of highly trained therapists with a passion for providing value-focused and client-centered services. We are committed to helping individuals connect with their sexuality, as well as improve their relationships with themselves and other people. 


As a diverse and inclusive team, we can meet the needs of our clients regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity, belief system, religion, and cultural background. We aim to change people’s lives with our relationship counseling services.


Learn more about our team here. 

Book a Session

There’s no shame in admitting that something’s wrong in a relationship. Once you’ve acknowledged this, you’re on the right path. Our relationship therapists in Kirkland will walk with you through this journey. Connect with us today to start your first session. 

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