Kate Hall

She/Her, MA, LMHCA, Expressive Arts and Sex Therapist

I am a clinical mental health counselor and expressive arts therapist who approaches this work with a great deal of creativity, curiosity, and respect for who you are and what brings you into therapy. As a sex therapist in training, I am interested in working with you on topics related to gender and sexual identity/exploration, kink, sex work, sensuality/embodiment, shame, vulnerability, trauma, and beyond—let’s create a dynamic space for us to dive into your therapeutic goals and build a relationship that allows for your authenticity, self-expression, and exploration.

What You Can Expect

I take a gentle, collaborative approach to counseling. I meet you where you are and honor your
unique history, patterns/trauma, identities, interests, and desires. My style is strengths-based
and person-centered, meaning I view you as the expert on your life experiences and support you
in receiving what you need from therapy. As we explore what brings you here, I will accompany
you with openness and non-judgment (and humor when appropriate!). I place a lot of emphasis
on building a therapeutic relationship, striving for equality, and welcoming the
examination of any cultural or identity-based differences between us that may impact our work
together. I acknowledge that we each hold a unique worldview, and I encourage exploration of
how things like privilege and/or oppression impact the way you show up in the world. I also offer
body-awareness techniques to address what is happening somatically for you during sessions and am trained in using the arts to help pull us deeper into a topic if you feel comfortable exploring a creative space together.

My Story

I am a white, cisgender queer woman still exploring my own fluidity and edges. I grew up on the East Coast, received my B.S. in public health from George Washington University, and moved to Seattle in 2015. As a descendent of puritan culture, I have been exploring the roots of my own embodied shame over the last decade. For me, art, sex-positive culture/community, creative self-expression, sensual/erotic movement, and somatic therapy have supported me as I inhabit my body in a more authentic, pleasureful manner. Inspired by the impact of practicing art in community, I returned to school in 2020 to get my graduate degree in expressive arts therapy and learn more about how to use the creative process therapeutically. I come to this work in process, and with a love for the messy, imperfect art of becoming.


During my down time you can find me wrapped in a cozy blanket, dancing in my living room, biking to a beautiful view (or a good sandwich), connecting with a friend, or looking for treasures at a local thrift store/yard sale.

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