Kate Hall

She/Her, MA, LMHCA, Expressive Arts and Sex Therapist

I help clients inhabit their lives and bodies more authentically and pleasurably. My approach is integrative and centers on the needs of my clients; I utilize active interventions involving somatic, creative, and emotionally focused work in conjunction with cognitive behavioral therapies. I am passionate about accompanying clients in a process of self-exploration that supports them in facing what feels most challenging, whether that is related to sex/sexuality, intimacy/relationships, anxiety, trauma, stress, a life transition, or just generally feeling stuck.

What You Can Expect

I place a lot of emphasis on building a therapeutic relationship with clients that allows for genuine self-expression. Once we decide on the direction of our work, I will invite you into reflection and action, offering tools and resources to assist you in practicing more supportive and sustainable ways of relating to yourself, your partner, and others. 

Starting therapy can be intimidating! My values as a therapist include openness, non-judgment, curiosity, cultural humility, creativity, humor, and unconditional positive regard. I come to this work with a love for the imperfect art of becoming and would be delighted to meet you.

My Story

I am a white, cisgender queer woman still exploring my fluidity and edges. I grew up on the East Coast, received my B.S. in public health from George Washington University, and moved to Seattle in 2015. As a descendant of Puritan culture, I have been exploring the roots of my own embodied shame over the last decade. For me, art, sex-positive culture/community, creative self-expression, sensual/erotic movement, and somatic therapy have supported me as I inhabit my body in a more authentic, pleasureful manner. Inspired by the impact of practicing art in the community, I returned to school in 2020 to get my graduate degree in expressive arts therapy and learn more about using the creative process therapeutically.


During my down time you can find me wrapped in a cozy blanket, dancing in my living room, biking to a beautiful view (or a good sandwich), connecting with a friend, or looking for treasures at a local thrift store/yard sale.

Books I Suggest


  • Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling & Expressive Arts Therapy – May 2023
  • Sexual Attitude Reassessment – September 2023
  • Somatic Sexual Healing – January 2024
  • Navigating Sex and Intimacy with Chronic Illness – January 2024

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