Kristen Schaer

LMHCA, she/her

As a therapist, I believe that my work is to help others locate the strength, courage, self-compassion, and tools to create the life they want. Pleasure is a vital part of our human experience, and I am interested in how identity, cultural background, history, trauma, gender, identity, ability, and relationships help us experience it in a way that feels profoundly personal, empowering, and connected to others.

What You Can Expect

I’ve worked with a variety of populations, including LGBTQIA, trans, neurodivergent, kinky, polyamorous, disabled, and asexual. Decolonization, anti-racism, inclusivity, Transformative Justice, and understanding how we are all responsible for dismantling systems of oppression are central to my framework of practice. I try to decenter myself as an “expert” and strongly endeavor to foster a person-centered, hope-based, bio-psycho-social minded, collaborative experience. I enjoy giving clients a toolkit of resources, whether that be readings, videos, and/or activities that they can revisit and explore throughout their therapy and hopefully revisit. I encourage work in the therapy dynamic that is experimental, experiential, explorative, and goals-centered.

My Story

I have been telling stories and helping others tell theirs for as long as I can remember. Raised an “Army Brat”, I got to experience early on a variety of different people, places, and life perspectives. I studied creative writing in college which prepared me well for my work as a therapist: helping others shape their stories and themselves into an authentic self. Along the way, I was also a barber for ten years, and like to joke that I was a “behind the chair therapist.” These days, I am thoroughly in love with my job as a sex therapist and I am humbled and excited that I can help others along their journey.


Creative Writing, travel, going to concerts and live comedy, my two very chonky cats Fella and Carrot, lots of movies as long as it isn’t horror movies by myself, reading, ballet dancing, burlesque, SO. MUCH. MUSIC.

Books I Suggest


  • Autism with Jack Duroc-Danner October 2021
  • Treating Kinky Couples with Dr. Neil Cannon January 2021
  • Vulva Issues with Mia Fine May 2021
  • Sexual Attitude Reassessment with Dr. Bianca Laureano August 2020
  • Working with Trans Clients with Joey Pickering and Megan White March 2021
  • Sex Research with Joli Hamilton July 2021
  • Sex and Psychology with Dr. Sabrina Popp July 2021
  • Myth of Sex Addiction with David Ley August 2021
  • Twenty-Something to Fifty: Aduit Sexual Development with Kait Scalisi November 2021
  • Sexual Coercion with Dr. Rosalyn Dischiavo August 2021
  • Responsive Desire: The Science Behind “Come As You Are” with Emily Nagoski March 2021
  • Erotophobia: Cultural Impacts with Dr. Rosalyn Dischiavo March 2021
  • Revolution: New Ideas in Gender & Orientation with Dr. Zelaika Hepworth Clarke March 2021
  • Sacred Sexuality with Christina Sophie July 2021
  • Intersections of Sex and Technology with Kait Scalisi April 2021
  • How Do I Tell You? Sexual Communication Skills with Brian Gibney March 2021
  • Erotophobia: Cultural Impacts with Dr. Rosalyn Dischiavo March 2021
  • Sexological Anatomy with Dr. Rosalyn Dischiavo March 2021
  • Out of Control Sexual Behavior with Marc Gilmartin March 2022

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