Madisyn Roberts

LMHCA Certificate in Sex Therapy & Sex Education

I provide an integrative approach to psychotherapy that combines a variety of therapeutic tools and approaches to fit the needs of the individual client. My approach is a holistic framework in that I draw from Emotion-Focused Therapy, Polyvagal Theory, Internal Family Systems Theory (IFS), Attachment Theory, and evidence-based practices. I also integrate body positivity heavily into the work I do. Pleasure at every shape and size is also a foundation in which I practice. Every client individual receives a personalized level of care to meet your needs.

What You Can Expect

Our culture is deeply sex-negative, which means that we are conditioned to view
sexual pleasure with shame, guilt, and disgust. This repressive influence can
especially impact those who are non-monogamous, kinky, LGBTQIA+, folx with
disabilities/chronic pain, and/or larger bodies. While many believe sexual problems
are purely physical, as a holistic sex therapist, I’ll work with you to identify, explore
and address mental, emotional, and relationship issues in tandem with the physical.

For example, if stress from work, family life, or other factors are making you want to
shut down and hide at the end of the day, your genitals might be retreating, too. I
strive to help you achieve the fulfilling sex life you desire. It’s my goal to help
individuals find their normal. My approach to therapy comes from an anti-oppressive
anti-racist lens with a style that is approachable, funny (at times), and human before

My Story

I was raised by a single mom with my little brother while also going back and forth to my dad’s house. I come from an emotionally abusive background and have struggled with self-esteem and body image most of my life. Love, support, and compassion from family and friends is why I am here today. My family system has allowed me to tap into resilience and support those around me through doing this incredible work. I graduated from Washington State University (GO COUGS) with a degree in Psychology and Human Development. From there I graduated from Antioch University Seattle with a Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling with a specialty in sex therapy and sex education. As a sex-positive provider, I acknowledge my privilege and various intersectionalities as a white, cis-gender, Queer clinician and how these show up in the room. I now reside in Tacoma, WA with my fur babies; Daisy, Duke and Dudley. You will most likely meet them during our first session.


I love to go to shows…literally any kind of show; music, comedy, theater, film, ect. I love food. Food is my love language. Traveling. Long walks with my pups. Exercise or healthy movement where I get to feel strong and connected to my body I enjoy body positive and erotic art. Singing. Dancing.

Books I Suggest


  • Fat Sexuality: A Health at Every Size Approach with Dr. Sheila Addison -July 2020
  • Colonization and Sex with Anne Mauro-February 2021
  • Islam and Sexuality with Bina Bakhitiar -July 2021
  • Autism and Sexuality with Jack Duroc-Danner -October 2021
  • Kink and BDSM with Sean Orpen-November 2021
  • Understanding Out Of Control Sexual Behavior with Marc Gilmartin -March 2022

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