Javonna Arriaga

She/Her M.S. LMFTA

My work focuses on community healing, group therapy, and “non-traditional” couples and families such as LGBTQIA+, multicultural, polyamorous, and kink. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​I am here to hold space for you in any and all of your forms, reconnect with yourself and your community, and to create a container for you to embody the truest versions of who you are. My therapeutic modalities include Solution-Focused, Narrative, Bowen Family System, and Trauma-Informed models with a focus on Decolonial and Indigenous frameworks.

What You Can Expect

As your therapist, I hope to provide a space for ALL of you, your joy, pain, fear, courage, and compassion. I began my love of therapy first as a client working through my own lived traumas. I spent a lot of time with therapists who didn’t look or have experiences like me. I found relief, but I never felt the depth I needed to truly heal. This inspired me to become a therapist.


The world we live in now is overwhelming at times, with an overload of information, divisive news outlets, and all of that on top of the daily ins and outs of just living as a human. Identity is more complicated than it has felt before, and it is getting harder for us to connect with one another. I am passionate about working alongside my clients and finding a way to reconnect with themselves and their community. I work with individuals, however, the more people in the room, it is my belief the deeper the work we can do. Bring the whole family or your special someone, whoever is important to you. I use Solution-Focused, Narrative, Bowen Family System, and Trauma-Informed models in my healing work with a focus on Decolonial and Indigenous frameworks.


Through my own healing work and my Master of Science in Couples and Family Therapy at Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, FL, I have realized that so many of our struggles originate with the expectations of society, our families, and the stories that we believe about ourselves. Identifying how this shows up for you is an important part of the process as well as deciding what stories you want to believe about yourself. We work together on making the choices you want for the change in your and your family’s lives.

My Story

I was born in Tucson, AZ but mostly raised in Denver, CO. I moved to Seattle to go to the University of Washington and stayed for about 10 years. During that time, I traveled to Spain and lived as an Aupair for a year. I grew up with a single mother and have only recently gotten to know my father’s family. I have worked as a stage, event, and project manager, as well as a youth development worker. I have been in the service industry, both in retail and restaurants, so I have had a wide variety of experiences. I am the oldest child and have a good amount of siblings. I am Afro-Peruvian, European, and Panamanian, and I was born in the US. I am from the Chiriqui and Moche peoples. I have lived experiences with immigration, prison, foster care, correctional, mental health, and education systems.


I have my Bachelors in Theater Performance and have been performing since I was 13 years old. I love Shakespeare and weird avant-garde performance art. I have a big soft spot for the Burlesque and showgirl art forms, as well as other performance arts that explore sexuality, like Shibari. I love board games, especially chess. I have traveled all over and plan to continue doing so as much as possible. I love astrology and all things spiritual. I am also a novice gardener and am part of a sweet community garden learning to grow my own food.

Books I Suggest


  • Upcoming November 2022 – BIPOC Brainspotting 3 Day Phase 2 – John R. Edwards, LCSW; Linnea Swanson, LMFT
  • Trauma-Sensitive Breathing Techniques – Resonant Relationships
  • Trans Sexuality – Resonant Relationships
  • Stepping Outside of the Self-care Box: Self-Compassion – Ellen K. Carruth, PhD, LMHC, NCC 
  • Subclinical eating disorder, disordered eating & body image awareness – Resonant Relationships
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy – Resonant Relationships
  • An intro to DBT – Resonant Relationships 
  • BIPOC Brainspotting 3 Day Phase 1 – John R. Edwards, LCSW; Linnea Swanson, LMFT
  • Disability 101 – Resonant Relationships
  • Autism and Neurodiversity – Resonant Relationships
  • Supporting Clients through Alternative Paths to Healing – Resonant Relationships 
  • Slaying the Dragon PC & The Fairy Tale Model of Trauma Treatment – Trauma Institute & Child Trauma Institute

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